Saturday Girl Does Liverpool

by Casey Orr The Saturday Girl series of portraits was conceived after seeing so many young women in Leeds with ‘big hair’; hair teased and back-combed, styled and extended with hairpieces and wigs. I wondered what it meant, what it said about undercurrents in culture, the unspoken signs that tell of our values and tribe […]

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Coquimbo & Swansea

by Cameron Procter Separated by almost 7000 miles, the Chilean province of Coquimbo and the Welsh Swansea Valley are not immediately recognized as having any associations with one another. Yet, from 1840 to 1880, these two regions were directly connected by the transatlantic metal trade – copper ore extracted from Coquimbo’s mines was shipped across […]

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Interview with Anna Fox

Oceans Hotel Restaurant, 2010 from resort 1 Butlins, Bognor Regis © Anna Fox Anna Fox is one of the most acclaimed British photographers of the last thirty years and is Professor of Photography at the University of Creative Arts, Farnham.  Known for her use of flash and colour, she emerged in the 1980s as part […]

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Only in England

Only in England – Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr, curated by Martin Parr, by Tony Cearns. “Only in England”, the exhibition of Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr photographs at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool  and part of LOOK/15 Liverpool Photo Festival promised to be a treat, and a treat it was – but perhaps not for […]

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Women in Photography

by Jo Slack of Redeye the Photography Network Discussion led by Bridget Coaker Panel: Anna Fox, Camilla Brown, Natasha Caruana, Louise Clements At The Photography Show this year, across from the main arena and in front of an audience of around 20-30 mostly female attendees, The Guardian’s Bridget Coaker invited talks from Anna Fox, Camilla […]

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