Reflections on ‘Ethics of Portrait Photography – A Transatlantic View’ by Eli Regan

18th May.  Victoria Gallery. Leggate Theatre. A fantastically photogenic venue for a Photography discussion. In collaboration, Writing on the Wall Festival and LOOK/15 bring us ‘Ethics of Portrait Photography – A Transatlantic View’. Emma Smith, director of LOOK/15 concedes the title is a slight misnomer and renames it ‘Ethics of Portrait & Urban Photography.’ Onto […]

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Photo crowd competition winners

Photocrowd set out with a simple aim: to create a place on the web where photographers, whether it’s their hobby, their job, or somewhere in-between, can meet, enjoy photography and get motivated to shoot regularly. For LOOK/15, Photocrowd ran a competition called “Your Important Place”. This idea was generated by a film we screened called […]

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Sheila Rock

Sheila Rock in conversation with Tony Cearns Tony Cearns caught up with Sheila Rock ahead of her exhibition “Tough and Tender” as part of LOOK/15 Liverpool International Festival of Photography. Tony Cearns Your photographic work of the punk music scene here in England established you as an influential photographer obtaining widespread international coverage. Vogue, no less, reported on your fly-on-the-wall […]

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Saturday Girl Does Liverpool

by Casey Orr The Saturday Girl series of portraits was conceived after seeing so many young women in Leeds with ‘big hair’; hair teased and back-combed, styled and extended with hairpieces and wigs. I wondered what it meant, what it said about undercurrents in culture, the unspoken signs that tell of our values and tribe […]

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