Cycles and processes

Months have fallen off the calendar since LOOK/15 attacked our senses and consciousness with an array of local and international work. Now, having moved forward through the year with shifts in focus and energy, seems a good moment to reflect on the festival and explore a recurring point in my experiences of the two weeks. […]

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With Jona Frank

Swaying a little, I quickly caught my balance and centred myself. The rickety ladder settled with purpose as I held up a large photograph for Jona Frank to see. “Is it straight, Jona?” I was here to interview Jona Frank  for LOOK/15 at her exhibition at the WARP in Liverpool, but had also offered to help her […]

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Reflections on ‘Ethics of Portrait Photography – A Transatlantic View’ by Eli Regan

18th May.  Victoria Gallery. Leggate Theatre. A fantastically photogenic venue for a Photography discussion. In collaboration, Writing on the Wall Festival and LOOK/15 bring us ‘Ethics of Portrait Photography – A Transatlantic View’. Emma Smith, director of LOOK/15 concedes the title is a slight misnomer and renames it ‘Ethics of Portrait & Urban Photography.’ Onto […]

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