Antofagasta plc, Stop Abuses!

by Cameron Procter We are delighted to review the series Antofagasta plc, Stop Abuses! by artist Ignacio Acosta. For the last decade, Antofagasta plc has been a towering presence for residents of Caimanes, a village located some 200km north of the Chilean capital of Santiago. The construction of a dam in the El Mauro valley has […]

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Coquimbo & Swansea

by Cameron Procter Separated by almost 7000 miles, the Chilean province of Coquimbo and the Welsh Swansea Valley are not immediately recognized as having any associations with one another. Yet, from 1840 to 1880, these two regions were directly connected by the transatlantic metal trade – copper ore extracted from Coquimbo’s mines was shipped across […]

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