Antofagasta plc, Stop Abuses!

by Cameron Procter We are delighted to review the series Antofagasta plc, Stop Abuses! by artist Ignacio Acosta. For the last decade, Antofagasta plc has been a towering presence for residents of Caimanes, a village located some 200km north of the Chilean capital of Santiago. The construction of a dam in the El Mauro valley has […]

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Miss Chuquicatama, the Slag

by Cameron Procter We are pleased to give you a sneak preview of Ignacio Acosta’s talk, set to take place at the Bluecoat on Sunday 17 May. For this occasion, we present a selection of work from the series Miss Chuquicamata, the Slag. You can see the work in its entirety here.   Across northern Chile, ghost towns are […]

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