LOOK17 Highlights / Special Projects

During the festival a number of smaller projects unfolded which discussed the themes in more detail and which used social media and shared social space as places to consider urbanisation and exchange in relation to photography and its instant dissemination.   About the Size of Dartford RIBA Photographer Virgile Simon Bertrand and Curator Davina Lee […]

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LOOK17 / Adrian Davies

Adrian Davies’ work reflects on global connectivity. His exhibition at A Small View presents micro and macro visions of Hong Kong – here he talks to LOOK17 about photographing as a returning visitor and the relationship of utopian city skyline images to those captured on the ground. The work was made during a number of […]

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Why Media Partnerships Work

This year, LOOK/17 has worked with two media partners, British Journal of Photography and The Skinny. Here, PR consultant for the festival, Laura Brown, reflects on why media partnerships are becoming more important. PR is all about reaching audiences. Talking to journalists and understanding media landscapes is one facet of it, but fundamentally, PR lets […]

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Ho Fan and the Decisive Moment

  Ho Fan ( 1931-2016 ) is considered the ‘grandfather of Chinese photography’. His work on show at Museum of Liverpool depicts life in Hong Kong during the 1950 and 60s in modernist images where the subject comes together with form and light and shade to create his ‘decisive moment’ – here, photographer Adam Lee […]

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LOOK17: Gemma Thorpe

I have been working with Sheffield’s Chinese community since 2012, at that time I did a project called 游子, The Wanderers, with Chinese international students at The University of Sheffield. It was more of a multimedia project – I created a series of photos and made five short films and we had an exhibition which […]

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