Watching Casey Orr work on her Liverpool Saturday Girl project was inspirational to say the least, and I quickly became infatuated. I was fascinated by her ability to coax the inner goddess out of each woman who dared to step in front of the camera. She helped them relax, brought their personality out and captured their beauty.

@SaturdayGirl-61 @SaturdayGirl-50 @SaturdayGirl-1 @SaturdayGirl-26

Her portraits are a celebration of women. They are an inspiration. Her work eradicates the stifling, grey mottled background of school portraits that have haunted our childhoods, our adolescent years. Casey with her revolutionary ideas, love of photography and love of hair has created a new wave of portraiture that captures  individual beauty and unique identity.

@SaturdayGirl-46 @SaturdayGirl-20 @SaturdayGirl-12 @SaturdayGirl-19

I cannot help but feel admiration for each of these women, dressing how they want, not sticking to the unwritten rules of social acceptance.  Is it me or should these be the pictures we see littering the magazine shelves, saturated in the relentless commercials and the nonsense our media-filled lives are exposed to? I am not against the ever growing technology at our finger tips, I am not against the fashion industry, I just hope that at some point the media, the marketing and fashion industry, pick up on whats true and whats amazing…. these women.

All images by Casey Orr © 2015


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