Drawing on the Smelted Commodity

By Cameron Procter

In the final week of his residency with LOOK/15, Ignacio Acosta has continued to research copper in Liverpool with the aid of his map. Searching for hidden materials within the city, Acosta has been focusing his lens on copper fragments within the financial district, such as bronze banking doors, electric wires, and air conditioning generators.

Acosta has also worked on the North docks in order to reflect upon the city’s long history of international maritime trade and its relation to contemporary scrapyards. Finally, he has worked at Sudley House, where he has searched for elements containing copper within the building.

Although his residency within the city is now complete, we will be keeping up with the work and following Acosta up to and throughout LOOK/15, where he will be delivering a talk at the Bluecoat with Louise Purbrick and leading a radical history tour throughout the city.

In the meantime, he would like to express his thanks to:
The Bluecoat team, particularly Mary Anne-Marie McQuay, Mary Cloake, and Rachel Goodsall The Traces of Nitrate team: Xavier Ribas and Louise Purbrick, Mary Goody, Graeme Milne, Francis & Peter, Carles Guerra, Wendy Simkiss, Rory Miller, Gary Everett, and Thomas Dukes for their inspiring conversations and support.
The funding bodies: LOOK, the University of Brighton, Arts and Humanities Research Council, and Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Chile.

And a big thanks to Emma Smith and Martin.


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