Archival Research on Copper Trade

By Cameron Procter

During the first week of his residency, Ignacio Acosta has been devoting much of his time to research, making use of the archives at the Liverpool Central Library and the Maritime Museum, and compiling a list of key companies involved in Liverpool’s historical copper trade.

Looking through trade directories and customs information, such as the Liverpool Bills of Entry, the Liverpool Commercial List, and Gore’s Directory of Liverpool, Acosta was able to highlight copper brokers and merchants active in 1877. He has identified over 40 companies and is building a walking map of their locations, which will be used for the radical history tour taking place during the festival.

Next week, Acosta will be exploring how traces of these exchange activities can photographed, following the map as a guide to consider Liverpool’s forgotten relation to the copper trade. He will be also conducting behind the scenes photographic work as the World Museum looks for copper specimens. Additionally at the World Museum, he will be taking photographs of the mineral collection display, which will contribute to an ongoing series of mineralogical museums that is taking place between Chile and Europe.


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